Don’t Ignore Success

Don't Ignore SuccessSometimes the things in life that are so simple and should be so apparent are the ones that slip through the cracks. I was going over notes from several presentations and it dawned on me how much focus there is on improving those things in life we struggle with. I mean, that’s the foundation of personal growth right? To identify our weaknesses and to know that any doubt can be turned into a belief. We all know what happens with those actions in life where our belief is strong. The outcome is usually positive. Thinking about this and going over all those notes made me realize that we all have gifts or innate talents and perhaps we don’t spend enough time not only recognizing them but nurturing them. We have all heard the saying, “You don’t have to fix what isn’t broken”. That may be true but there is nothing wrong with working on and polishing what is already quite good. This process made me think back to my tenure in grade eight. I had not yet grown or sprouted as it was then referred to and given my financial status or lack thereof, being five foot two in grade eight made you a mark. It was during a bus ride home when this big kid, Butch (that really was his name) decided it might be fun to bat me around while the driver wasn’t looking. After the second punch I let him have it. Not with fists, that would have been a recipe for plastic surgery. I let him have it with words. What came out may have actually qualified for the Guinness World Book of Records for the longest and most prolific run on sentence in history. During this diatribe I challenged everything about his character and his family, his abuse of my size and spewed forth more references to his lowly character than I could possibly remember. You know what? He stopped hitting me. You know what else? He told me he was sorry. You know one other thing? He never hit me again. I realized then and there. In that moment that I had a way with words and while I may not be much in the ring, there was something inside of me that allowed me to communicate and to do it well. Come to think of it, that is how I have spent the past twenty five years of my life. With words. Take some time then and look inside. It has been said that “The enemy of great is good.” If you are naturally good at something don’t settle for just that. Work to make it great. See those things that are perhaps yours and yours alone. Identify the gifts or innate talents that you can polish and hone and make them sing for you in this journey of life. Sure, we must definitely continue to work on those things that society has convinced you are challenges but don’t shy away from your special talents. Don’t ignore success. Have an excellent day.


Be well,


Randy Taylor



About Randy Taylor

Randy is driven to champion success in others through inspiration, belief, structure and process. As a leading expert in human potential having studied the science of human behaviour for over 30 years, he helps others to not only see but become what they are capable of. His interactive keynotes and coaching programs have been the starting point for thousands of professionals, teams and organizations to unlock their hidden potential and realize what they have always been deserving of. Randy has the unique ability to strengthen people's belief in themselves by using relatable life experiences to clearly prove that where they are today has nothing to do with where they can go. He knows this firsthand having overcome incredible odds in his life including poverty, parent alcoholism and life on the streets. After a successful career in broadcasting, he has now for more than a decade shared his story, insights and coaching to help his clients accomplish extraordinary achievements and happiness. The breakthrough results he helps others realize re-fuels his passion and commitment to guide them to be better at what they want to be better at. Clients include: Manulife, Investors Group, Bridgeforce Financial, RBC, Motorola, Sunlife, Financial Horizons, Invesco Trimark, Xerox, ReMax Realty, Petro Canada, Kraft Foods, Freedom 55, The Government of Canada, London Life, Brookfield Homes Specialties include: Keynote Speaker; Personal and Professional Growth and Leadership Coach; Professional Corporate Coach-creator of The Winner Within and Breakthrough Coach Programs; Specialize in working with financial and insurance services teams; Creating lasting results
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