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From a childhood on the streets to a nationally recognized expert in human potential, Randy Taylor is driven to help you grow yourself or your people.


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Delivering a keynote address has the potential to impact lives in a very powerful way.  Causing members of an audience to see something in themselves they have not seen before or they have lost touch with is the key to begin the process that leads to success.  Creating inspired thought is the primary goal and key element of any keynote address.  From inspired thought comes all success and growth.

Randy Taylor is a master communicator.  He shares his story of poverty, parent alcoholism and life on the streets with audiences which validates the philosophy he is sharing is not simply text book philosophy but real life experience.  What is remarkable about Randy’s experience is that he is able to combine life experience, research, science, process, philosophy and tested theory to his address at the platform.  Having spent 20 years in broadcasting in both radio and television, he has been afforded the experience and developed a skill at communicating that is very evident.  Becoming a good speaker is important.  Becoming a great communicator is the key to impact audiences. A great communicator must be a great storyteller.  Randy Taylor is able to deliver his philosophy and growth potential keynotes with humor and intelligence all woven together with great stories.  His stories paint the canvas for the audience in ways that allow them to see the movie of what is being discussed.  Theory is important. Seeing and feeling what is being delivered is essential to create a lasting impression.

Along with personal experience, one other very powerful tool that Randy brings to the podium is his expertise in not only creating and delivering a wide range of coaching programs but also in witnessing first hand what works with clients on a day in and day out basis and how best to affect change.  Theory is useless unless applicable.       

As a result of his extensive experience through coaching he is able to speak on a variety of topics.  All topics Randy speaks on are based on quantified experience and research.  Each keynote address is tailored specifically to meet the clients goals and objectives as well as address the mix of demographics in the audience.  As a motivational speaker addressing a wide range of audiences, Randy speaks on personal and professional development through The Winner Within, The Success Model of Self-Employment, The Power of Why, The Science of Sales or Relationships and Team Building.  On all topics Randy is able to weave together the philosophies, science and stories to create what is the core intention of a keynote.  That is inspired thought.  Randy Taylor is a keynote speaker that delivers every time and leaves a lasting impression.

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