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The Science of a Stress-Free Life

Stress related issues cost employers $5.5 bill/year

• 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress
• 75-90% of all doctor’s visits are stress-related 

In this seminar “The Science of a Stress Free Life” Randy Taylor addresses one of the most profound and important topics that impact not only the workplace but also individuals and families. His science-based approach will break down and demystify the origins of stress and outline the chemical and biological triggers that drive it and how the environment is a key contributor.  Randy also is one of the most recognized personal development coaches in the country and applies over 30 years of study into the science of human behavior.  He is not only a master educator but is also able to provide a structured solution to greatly reduce or eliminate it. His solutions have become cornerstone strategies utilized in both nationally acclaimed programs, “The Winner Within”tm and senior coaching system “Breakthrough Coach”tm.

Topics included:

“Bringing our Latin America team together with Randy Taylor was a stroke of genius. The timing along with his key messages on Leadership were extremely well received by all attendees. And relevant considering the unprecedented challenges facing the management team in Latin America. More people need to hear about the phenomenal benefits of "being here" and "living in the moment"
and the correlation to productivity”.

Michael Hortie-President Motorola Canada /Latin America

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