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Relationship Building

The Key Ingredient to Business and Life

The key to almost all aspects of human endeavor, whether it is business or personal is the ability to build and nurture relationships.  People want to build relationships and do business with others that they connect with.  The most basic component of human nature is that everyone wants to matter.  Everyone wants to belong.  Most people make the mistake of believing that it is their skill and knowledge that will make the difference and thus make the connection.  While knowledge is certainly important, connecting on an emotional level is the key to open all doors.

Topics included are:

"Your session covered one of the least investigated aspects of my business.  Your clear explanation and impact structure opened a number of eyes in my division today.  I feel this has given us all a new perspective and direction in future business and personal goals.  I have no doubt that this will have a major impact on my division." - Mike Grady –President IMS

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