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From a childhood on the streets to a nationally recognized expert in human potential, Randy Taylor is driven to help you grow yourself or your people.

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Over the past twenty years, Randy has developed a life changing philosophy and written a book of the same name called “Life Before Can’t” which identifies the steps to achieving personal passions and dreams.  All students face a crossroad in their lives while pursuing an education.  Being able to identify and connect their passion to their purpose is a critical element of a student’s career choice.  Randy Taylor has a very powerful connection to today’s youth through the story of his own difficult challenges that led to triumph.  He is known for not simply talking the talk, but having walked the talk himself.  

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“Your time and grace was so greatly appreciated.  Your presentation was inspiring and thought provoking.  Our students are at risk and what you brought to them was a vital part of their education to start re-learning to see their world in a positive light.  Your words will certainly have a lasting effect” - Larissa Gulka -Toronto Youth Services

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