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The Winner Within

Coaching Program Overview

“It is the voice in our head telling us the mountain is too high that prevents us from ever knowing
the view from the top”

The Taylormadeleadership coaching program was developed as a comprehensive system to enable anyone to uncover their hidden abilities and take the steps necessary to achieve their goals. This program was developed over many years and now provides the building blocks for those who choose to be serious students of personal growth. I am a proponent of whole life growth rather than simply exploring growth in one area such as business or finances or health. When attention is paid to all components of life, accomplishment will be rewarding, sustainable and fulfilling on all levels.
The world we live in today paints a picture of instant success. The prevalent expectation is for immediate gratification. So many people are looking, searching and paying large sums of money for the magic pill that will propel them towards a life of promise, success and wealth. The simple truth is that in order for "it" to change "we" have to change. Change does not come in the blink of an eye but from consistent sustained effort moving towards a goal with the expectation of growing an inch a day rather than ten feet.

In North America today, over 10% of all books sold are on self-help. The truth is that all books, mine included don't work. The reason that they don't work is not because the information provided is not valuable. The reason is that they lack the day-to-day structure to implement the philosophy over a sufficient period of time to enable the creation of new success habits.

he Taylormadeleadership Winner Within Coaching Program is designed to break down a very complex system into single day blocks with specific tasks and activities each day that leads to growth. Success with our clients has been remarkable.

The final element for your consideration is our confidence in the program and our commitment to providing value. The program offers a 100% guarantee of results and has for the past 5 years. In all that time we have not had one discussion with a client that it did not work. To book a consultation or for more information please contact, seminars@taylormadeleadership.com

Objectives of the program

What the course includes

What we cover

Session 1
The self-directed solution

Session 2
Discover your why

Session 3
The Power of Why in Business

Session 4
Changing behaviors

Session 5
Current moment consciousness

Session 6

Session 7

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