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The Taylormadeleadership Executive Coaching Program is very different from our private and group coaching model in that the specific intention of the work is to identify current strengths and weaknesses, create a best practices business/life model and then work to define the necessary action and creative steps to achieve identified goals and targets.
The focus of the program is completely unique to the individual. At the executive level, no one coaching model will serve the individual and the program’s specific function is to create a plan targeted towards producing specified results.

Phase One

Complete the Executive Coaching Lifequest exercise. This will provide a framework between yourself and your coach to understand past experiences, their impact on current behavior and potential motivation.

Phase Two

This phase of the program is intended to investigate all current areas of business and personal goals and objectives.
Identify growth targets Business


Phase Three

Develop a comprehensive list of business and personal targets.

This list will create the initial framework to identify the areas of required growth for both business and personal targets. All points of the identified targets will then be rated as to importance. Using this rating system, targets and subsequent action plans will be executed accordingly and implemented over a determined time frame.

Phase Four

Creative exploration exercise

Once each target is identified, it will be put through the creative exploration process meant to identify new direction and action that will produce the intended result. Once a mutually agreed upon plan of action has been decided on, the final step is to go through the R.O.I. exercise to substantiate the projected return on investment.

Phase Five


Growth is only possible through action and activity. Once a plan of action is identified for each specific target and has passed the R.O.I., it is then necessary to insert the identified activity into a weekly and daily schedule. The criteria for each activity will be as follows.


At each meeting the client will bring all materials and tracking information along with one question of what they are looking to achieve or improve. The client will be contacted daily and required to respond to report on the daily activity completed. The client will also have full access through e-mail or telephone to ask questions or seek advice at any time.

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