A Message From the Heart

The impact of Steve Jobs. A message from the heart. There are two forms of internal communication that impacts our decisions and ultimately our destination in life. They are thought and intuition. Thought is rooted in the mind. Intuition lives in the heart. Thought comes about primarily through the musings of our interaction with the world beyond ourselves. Thought is created by the intake of information and experience, filtered through our own prism of belief and becomes distilled down ultimately to how we act based on what we know. Intuition is something much more real and much more tangible. Intuition is the closest thing we have to our own authentic selves. Aside from the incredible contribution to the world of technology that Steve Jobs left us all, he understood and lived his life based on what his heart told him. In his address to the commencement of Stanford University he shared his greatest skill and message of all. His truth. During the speech he spoke of his challenges and adversity. His triumphs and lessons. Most importantly he shared that elusive ingredient of life and success for us all. He said you've got to find what you love and do that. “The only way to do great work is to do what you love no matter how long it takes you to find it”. In closing he urged the graduating students to take a quote with them that he had tried to live by throughout his life. He said, “Stay hungry and stay foolish”. We all need be reminded of that. “Stay hungry, stay fooling” A message from the heart. Have an excellent day.
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