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Why this works.

Looking Forward to Mondays is not a book. It is a step-by-step program that will take you through the entire process of discovering what your passion is and then guide you through the action steps necessary to make it your life.

Every element of this program has been proven effective through the corporate coaching program “The Winner Within” which has received national accreditation from some of the largest fortune 500 companies in the world. The cost of a program similar to this to corporations is $1500. I understood that this would be a barrier for too many and would stop them from living the life they deserved and so I reduced the price of this program as much as I could. Here is why. Because my greatest passion in life is to help as many people as I can, you included, to find what their heart beats for and to help them make it their life.

I came from nothing and being able to do this today fills me up in ways I would not be able to explain. Here is what I am completely committed to. That if you do this I will do everything in my power to assist you along your journey towards becoming one of those remarkable people who can say, “I’m Looking Forward to Mondays”.


What the program includes: 6 full months

  • Personal coaching with Randy Taylor himself

  • Daily e-mail accountability contact

  • Daily copy of Perspectives (personal development article)

  • Weekly personal access to Randy Taylor for private coaching

  • A copy of Looking Forward to Mondays

  • A copy of Looking Forward to Mondays Success Journal workbook

  • A guarantee of results

“When someone dies the Greeks don’t write obituaries. They simply ask, did they have passion?”

Is this program for you?

Read the excerpt below from Looking Forward to Mondays and decide for yourself

"I want you to consider the following very carefully. The absolute majority of people go through their time here trading life for money, feeling lost and empty and without purpose. I want you to know with everything that is inside of me that there is another way. What if this is your one moment in time? This exact moment when opportunity is knocking, announcing that you have the ability to change everything. This one moment when you are faced with the real choice of what you will do with your life. Will you set aside this opportunity to live with purpose and passion and leave your mark here or will you turn away and commit the rest of your life to wondering what this is all about?

This very well may be the only time in your entire life when you are presented with the opportunity that will enable you to make the commitment, dig down deep inside and draw out every ounce of intention and declare, “I’m going to do this. I’m going to do what it takes to find out what my heart beats for and commit my life and my future to it. I have decided that I am going to live my life with passion and purpose. I am capable of having the life that I want and need and crave. I will not stop until I have found it and will continue on until I am living the life that I deserve. I am making a solemn promise to myself that I am not going to be one of those who are faced with the crushing question at the end of life, “What was this all about?” There is absolutely nothing I can’t become or nothing that holds me to my current state. I have complete control over my destiny and I have the ability to change anything in this life that I choose. I will no longer look to just get through the days but I will get from the days. I am going to begin the process that will transform my life and become one of those who will smile and say, “I’m looking forward to Mondays”.

Here is where we begin then; with a question. “Do you love the life that you are living? Do you look forward to Mondays”? If the answer is no, understand that you are not alone. One of the greatest psychological challenges today is to somehow connect with a knowing that our lives matter. That we count for something. That we live with purpose and passion and know that we were created to leave our mark here. To know that our destiny is completely of our own choosing. Of the six and a half billion people on earth today, no one has or ever will have your life experience. You are completely unique and capable of becoming anything you set your mind to.

Sadly, the absolute majority has fallen into the trap of capitalism that states, “If you trade your sweat and tens of thousands of hours of your life, you will be given enough money to sustain yourself”. Recent surveys have shown that 84% of people currently employed said they would be looking for a new job this year. In effect they are trading life for money. If this is you there is something you need to know with certainty.





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