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Conference Speakers in Canada

How can you secure the best conference speakers in Canada? I see this as one of the greatest challenges of arranging an impactful conference or event is choosing the right speakers. As one of the top conference speakers in Canada I understand this perhaps more than anyone. It is well documented that as an event organizer in Canada, the weight of the decision lies on your choice of conference speakers. Canada has a wide range of speakers on a variety of topics and a range of years of experience. Choosing the wrong conference speakers can have a negative impact and reflects on you the organizer. Most planners admit that it’s hit or miss. The entire tone of the conference can be impacted.

In light of this, I decided to do what no one else in Canada has done before. I now offer a guarantee of satisfaction for all conferences I speak to setting myself apart from all conference speakers in Canada. Until now planners and organizers had to rely on referrals or the assurance from the speakers themselves that the audience would come away with key strategies. The success or failure of your event can rest on the choice of speakers. Finding out after your conference that the speakers you hired for your event in Canada did not deliver leaves little recourse. If the audience I speak to did not feel like they came away with something significant I will waive my fees. When planning your event and choosing conference speakers in Canada it is advised to schedule a detailed meeting with the speaker to discuss your event in detail.

If the conference speakers you are hiring in Canada are offering the best value, they should be willing to tailor their keynote to your event. Ask for a list of conferences they have spoken to in Canada similar to your event. The best conference speakers in Canada should also provide a complete overview of their keynote along with supporting notes. This will allow you to review their previous work. Be wary of conference speakers in Canada who have only a few testimonials. Speakers with years of experience in Canada should be able to produce many testimonials. If past keynotes went well most organizers are happy to provide testimonials to their conference speakers. Canada is a unique country and it is a benefit to hire speakers from this country. The economy, diversity and character of Canada are aspects conference speakers in Canada will be able to speak to. A speaker’s area of expertise also should be substantiated by more than simply speaking.

Bringing practical experience to the podium is an essential asset and will be part of the make up of the top conference speakers in Canada. Over the past ten years I have developed several coaching programs, which have received national accreditation from many of the top corporations in Canada. As a speaker guaranteeing my impact on audiences at conferences in Canada, I bring thousands of hours of practical application and results from coaching clients across the country. My passion to create change through my in depth coaching programs shines through at all the conferences I speak at in Canada. The final point is this. When choosing conference speakers in Canada, your satisfaction should be not only assured but guaranteed before the speaker takes the podium.

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