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A leader is one who recognizes the importance to lead themselves first...



A leader is one who recognizes the importance to lead themselves first. The importance of personal and professional growth at a management level grows as the individual climbs. The skills we learn as an employee must grow and improve when placed in a leadership role.

The Taylormadeleadership Leaders Edge Training Program cuts through on three levels. First and foremost it is intended to maximize the individuals skills and potential. Secondly, the skills learned are taught in such a way as to empower the individual to transfer many of the skills to their team.
Finally the program will enable managers to have a complete understanding of how human behavior affects the individual members of their team and as such will provide them with the tools of how to better manage them and assist them to grow.

Structure of the program

Changes to human behavior do not come about in an hour or a day. The process to create lasting substantive change is proven scientifically and lends credence to the fact that only the repetition of correct actions and activities will make lasting change possible. The cornerstone of all of our coaching programs and models includes three key elements. Teach, implement, follow up.

Due to time and geographical challenges we offer two models to deliver the material in this program.
-­â€1 Deliver each of the 6 modules in intervals of 2 weeks. (Live or through live interactive webinars)
-­â€2 Deliver all 6 modules during a full day session.
Upon the delivery of each module, the corresponding exercise is then implemented and tracked. When the entire program is delivered in a single day, the corresponding notes and exercises would then be metered out every two weeks.


A core reason for the success of our coaching programs is the interactive nature, daily contact and element of accountability that provides the structure necessary for success. All participants will receive the following

What We Cover

Session 1
Discover your why

Session 2
Human Behavior-­The science and application of change

Session 3
The self-­directed solution

Session 4
Current moment consciousness

Session 5

Session 6


All coaching programs offered by Taylormadeleadership offer a guarantee of results. The guarantee stipulates that if any individual taking the program does not feel that they experienced substantial change and growth following the completion of the majority of the exercises we will refund 110% of the cost of the program. In the past 3 years we have not had one discussion with a client where they felt it did not work.

To book a meeting with Randy Taylor to discuss this program in more detail please contact:
Gary Lee Business Development Manager Gary.lee@taylormadeleadership.com 416 817-­â€8518

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Randy Taylor’s coaching program “The Leadership Within” is a powerful program that helped me to transform not just one area of my life, but several.  What I liked about the program is that it is holistic in its approach, with all my goals being worked on at the same time and on all different levels.   The program helped me to remove the blocks that were stopping me from seeing my potential.   I had tried other “new age” and coaching methods previously, but none deliver the permanent positive life changes ...
Hazel Lamarre

Randy Taylor has done some great work for our region. What I like best about Randy's programs is that Randy is a student of his own teachings. Randy has the courage to seek out his passion and challenge any mindset to the contrary. Randy is a great business coach in helping us find balance in a very busy life. Trying to live in the present, 
Tony Caron

Regional Director-F-55-Barrie

"Randy is a great business and personal coach who connects on multiple levels.
He is very personable and works with those who want to be helped. I really enjoyed his approach to life as a movie. Fast forward to the last day of your life and what would it look like? Work back from there and build the script to make it happen.
Randy's coaching sessions are one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business!
Barry Clement

"Randy is my professional coach that I have been working with since the fall of 2011. My decision to work with Randy has proven to be one of the best moves I have made and as a result, have recommended Randy countless times. Randy helped me simplify my business, thus increasing my effectiveness. Also by Randy helping me to put everything into perspective, I now know truly "why" I am in my profession; which is fundamental for success! Needless to say I have noticed an immediate positive change in my Financial Planning practice. However, what really resonates with ...
Kevin Hutton


Randy creates breakthroughs. He helps you get balance, focus -- and direction. Double your income.
Julian Wise

Wise Advisory

“The Randy Taylor Winner Within program provides advisors with valuable practice management tools as well as addressing the core motivational requirements for long term success. It is a succinct compilation of many of the best programs I have taken over the past 25 years. However, the follow up and daily exercises are what differentiates the program from all others. I would strongly recommend this program for advisors of all tenure.”
Frank Santelli

Regional Director-Investors Group

I’ve been in the financial planning business for 14 years and have taken a lot of courses and spent a lot of money. I can tell you that by far this is the best I have been involved with. The price is very reasonable and I have seen improvements in my business, but it is much more than that. I have refocused on my health and my family and I am more focused than I have ever been before. I would highly recommend the program
Bill Richardson


"Randy Taylor was brought in to coach my team with The Winner Within. As we have had experience with coaches before my people were hesitant at first. That soon changed. Randy was able to connect with my people and myself and provided exceptional value in not only his clear understanding of the steps necessary to achieve goals but also in providing the tools necessary to succeed. Great job Randy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow".
Mark Evanylo

Manager Bell Canada real estate

I met Randy through a friend and at the time had pretty good direction in my life.  I had great personal relationships and was doing well in my career.  However, I’m a big believer in continuous improvement and for this reason began working with Randy, not knowing the results would have profound impacts on my life.  All of the exercises I worked through with Randy have played an important role in my development and creating those habits have been invaluable.  Beginning each day by writing my gratitudes have given me an even more positive ...
Mike Ankers

National Sales Director Richardson GMP

I have worked with Randy for the past 3 years. He has proven to me to be a great coach, leader and inspiration to my business. I would have no hesitation to recommending Randy to any of my colleagues
Phil Hale

Senior Financial Advisor

For the past 18 months Randy Taylor has been working with my consultants in my Division in the Toronto East office.  Over the years I have worked with many coaches.  From the beginning I could see that Randy Taylor with his Taylormadeleadership program was different.  He has created a great system to develop self-belief in his clients and those who have taken his course have shown tremendous growth.  Their newfound success has set the benchmark for what is possible in my Division.  I would highly recommend Randy Taylor for both his seminars and coaching programs
Alex Bril

CFP-Division Director

I started being coached by Randy Taylor 6 months ago, and since coming under his tutelage I have seen a noticeable and ever-increasing improvement in my efficiency and organization. During this period my business has doubled year over year. This quantum shift in my performability has allowed me to get in front of numerous high net worth clients whilst preparing me to better facilitate their needs. Randy is a highly motivating financial lifestyle enhancement specialist and I owe the lion's share of my newfound success and revitalization to him. This program is the cream of the crop, ...
Naunidh Singh Hunjan

Naunidh Singh Hunjan (Nona) CLU, CHS, EPC

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